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Market towns are being aided more than at any time in the fifty-five years of post World War II town planning and villages are offered the opportunity to guide their own development – or to resist it. However, small historic towns and villages still face a range of problems which should be addressed. These include:

Noise: where towns and villages face increased flights by low flying aircraft, or heavy traffic, or motorcycles.

Traffic Calming: where the regulation of traffic involves lights, yellow lines, street furniture and possibly traffic free areas.

Intensive Building: where the policy to re-use urban land is putting pressure on conservation areas.

New patterns of retailing and the continued impact of out of town stores and services which have lessened central congestion but have weakened the economic viability of the centre.

Tourism: where number of visitors pose a problem.

The maintenance of the fabric of the historic centre.

The Association will be considering the impact of proposals for enlarging the capacity of British airports on small historic towns and villages in potential flight paths. The Association will also be assessing the quality of living within conservation areas, taking examples from member societies and councils.

Ray Green